You’re about to learn how to approach women with confidence. You’ll get a sense of what it looks like to approach a women you’ve never met before. Furthermore, you’ll uncover several key distinctions for how execute this art successfully, as well.


To begin, I encourage you to watch the video below. In it, you’ll see live (unscripted) interactions captured using a hidden camera. The video will reveal what it looks like to successfully approach women with confidence. Furthermore, I reveal tips and tricks you can use to start getting results fast.


Then, after you watch the video? Continue — on and read the accompanying blog post. This is where you will uncover the #1 secret for building the confidence to effortlessly approach women!


It’s an absolute game-changer you cannot afford to miss, if you’re serious about learning to approach women with confidence.


But first, before you learn that life-changing confidence secret, start with this video below if you’re serious about learning how to approach and meet women in your day to day life…


Live Footage Reveals How to Approach Women with Confidence! PRESS PLAY:


As you can see, I’ve learned to approach women with confidence. And that’s opened up a world of abundance for men — in my dating life.  Luckily. you can unlock the same confidence, and the same dating results. I’m certain of that. Here’s why:


I grew up very awkward, socially unaware and timid. In fact, I literally got rejected to the girl who I asked to my high school PROM — in front of over 50 of my peers!


I was timid, anxious, afraid throughout my teenage years — and the one time I “stepped up to the plate” and asked the girl out? I became the laughingstock of my class!


Now, I share that to impress upon you that your past doesn’t need to be the same as your future. You can create the dating life of your dreams – whatever that is. It wont be easy, but it sure as hell can be done.


From experience in my own life, and now, as a results driven coach, here’s what I believe: Your first goal, regardless of your specific end-game dating desires, should be to develop your ability to approach women in a confident way. This is especially true if you’re also aiming to achieve success in your career — because the confidence you build by approaching women directly translates to newfound confidence in your career.


But approaching women isn’t just about “having confidence.” To get results when you approach women? You’ll need to possess sharp social and conversational skills. No doubt about it. This is why I talk about how to flirt and converse with women in greater depth on my other website,


And don’t get me wrong: it’s fun to sharpen your banter skills. However, when you build a house, you start with a foundation, not a roof.


It’s no different here. You want to create a core – a foundation – to build from, first.


The foundation you want to build up first is your core inner confidence.


As you saw above, women respond to a guy who quietly carries himself with that elusive trait we often refer to as “confidence.”


But even more importantly, building your confidence from the inside out allows you to take the massive action you’ll need to achieve your most lofty dating (and life) goals. If you’re going to put lots of energy into your dating life, I believe you want to come out of it not only with the dating results you want, but also, a tangible sense of confidence you can use to create success in every area of your life. 


Building my confidence has been my secret superpower. See, after countless hours of struggle (that you wont need to endure if you follow the advice laid out here on this blog)…


I finally stumbled upon a “feedback loop” I used to successfully go from an awkward dork to a dude who’s met and picked up cheerleaders and instagram models, all alone, in broad daylight. We’ll get to that in a moment…


But first, know what while the dating results I’ve been able to achieve have been very fun, what’s been even better is the impact building my confidence has had on other areas of my life. Expect the same compounding benefits in every area of yours…


Approach Women with Confidence: In-Depth Post Reveals The #1 Secret


And that’s why I created this blog post for you. Today, I want to share the very confidence building “feedback loop” I used to change virtually every area of my life.


It’s now the core of what I’ve used to help my clients change their lives.


In fact, helping them ingrain this one feedback loop strategy, deep into their habitual way of thinking, is the #1 most important aspect of what I do as a results driven coach.


I’m excited to teach you this life changing strategy. So, without further adieu, let’s continue, shall we?


Below, I REVEAL Exactly How You Can Use It to RAPIDLY INCREASE your CONFIDENCE to Change Your Life, too…


I’ll get to the life-changing gold in a second. And I’m happy to share my best information. With what follows, you WILL have the power to change your life, by building core confidence following a 2-step system.


And I really hope you pay attention, because I want to see you get epic results. I love helping guys build their social confidence.


Yes, partially because I resonate with the pain that comes with lacking confidence. Here’s a picture of me back when my confidence was at an all-time low:



That photo was taken just before I actually choked while giving my valedictorian speech at the junior college I went to. I wrote about that story, and about how getting laughed at on stage motivated me to improve my confidence and my life, right here. 


See, the number one reason why I want to help YOU unlock more confidence? Every facet of your life improves when you become more confident. That’s what I’ve discovered…


Having confidence literally improves everything.


I’ve seen first hand how life-changing building confidence can be. You career potential skyrockets when you have confidence. The social life you lead gets better. Your internal self-esteem goes up when you have more confidence.


Furthermore, confidence leads to newfound opportunities and invites you attract. And, your attractiveness as a man increases when you build up your confidence Like I said, literally everything gets better when you build your confidence.


Then? As a glorious bonus prize? Women respond WAY differently to a guy who has confidence! It’s why you want to keep reading. Because there’s good news for you:


Dr. Lieberman’s book “Social,” reveals how YOUR BRAIN is hardwired to re-wire itself to SUCCEED SOCIALLY.


We’re hardwired to connect socially.


This makes the learning curve — when you start taking action and approaching women — much faster. This is huge. I believe it’s why my clients and I have been able to radically transform our social confidence in less than 30 days. But this ONLY possible if you have the right strategy for success…


As a human being, your social brain is highly adaptable for social growth. That’s what top researchers are finding. They’re discovering that your brain is highly malleable, adaptable, and thus capable of rewiring itself to help you succeed. This is especially true for growth that comes in the social arena.


And that’s where we get back to your #1 success secret to approach women with confidence…


Because what’s even more powerful than the wisdom in my old professor’s book is this: Social confidence is not about having the perfect thing to say.  It’s not about looking like Brad Pitt – though ‘ll teach you to ask out a women like him, on my other blog.


Side note: if you don’t look like him, don’t sweat it! I’m not exactly a “head-turner” myself. And that’s okay. Research also indicates that as a man, your looks are secondary to your inner traits — when it comes to attracting women.


You can see that study here. Sure, looks matter some. Be sure to bathe. And hit the gym. But don’t focus on looks. Besides, looking good, being witty, or receiving a large family inheritance? Those are all external factors.


External factors beyond your direct and complete control. What matters most is this: your confidence.


Luckily, your confidence is WITHIN your control. 


Here’s how you boost your confidence:


You get massive amounts of confidence by doing one thing: 1) validating yourself each time you take action. Doing so in turn trains yourself to “not care” whether the girl likes you or rejects you. By learning to validate yourself — with positive self talk — each time you approach a woman? You’ll quickly transform yourself into a confident, action taking beast!


Here’s why: True confidence comes from placing 100% of your self worth as a man upon factors you can directly control — and then, proceeding to master those factors; while letting go of the factors you cannot control. This is how you build social confidence. 


The Greek philosopher Epictetus puts it best:


Step by Step Confidence for Men - Jason Rogers


You build social confidence by mastering the factors that are within your control, while letting go of all factors you cannot control.


Taken from theory to practice, here’s what this means. First, take action! Approach the girl. Then, tell yourself that you’re the man — whether she tells you she loves you or she says she hates you!


You validate yourself regardless!


After approaching, ALWAYS tell yourself, ‘Nice job. Way to approach man, keep it up!”


Here’s the kicker: make sure you validate yourself with positive self talk JUST after you approach regardless of what “external result” your approach resulted in.


This means, you should talk to yourself identically whether the girl gives you her phone number, tells you to f*ck off, or literally jumps your bones and rips your clothes off!


A truly confident man takes his validation from the actions he takes — not from the results his actions produce in others. Remember: you cannot fully control her response! So, if you let what she says or does dictate how you feel? You’re setting yourself up to fail!


On the contrary, you can fully control whether you took action and whether you validate yourself! And if you already took action, you did EVERYTHING you possibly could! But how? How do you validate yourself with positive self talk…? Especially when the interaction went less than stellar?


Personally, regardless of how the woman responds to me, I tell myself something like this… “I took action. Nice job. I’m the man. Way to take action. Nice job. Go again.”


It’s actually quite simple. You take action. And then, you validate yourself using positive self talk. Then, if you’re smart? You’ll use the self-validation you just gave yourself to push you to do another approach!


I highly encourage you to make the following 2-step process DEEPLY ingrained as your AUTOMATIC response whenever you approach women! Doing so will supercharge your confidence — not only when you approach women — but in everything you do in your life!


Social Confidence to Approach Women

This 2-step feedback loop is the secret to creating core confidence and a massive upwards spiral in your social life!


It’s a positive feedback loop that keeps you motivated, engaged, and most importantly… In a state of taking action! Because as you see here, all you need to do to succeed is take action and validate yourself!


To get more confident and make the process of approaching women effortless, this is ALL you should focus on.


Always remember…


It’s NOT about “whether or not you got her.” 


Funny enough, when you stop focusing on the outcomes like “getting her number,” as long as you’re not afraid to make the number swap — once the girl is clearly interested? Suddenly, you’ll find getting a girl’s number becomes a breeze.


Then, soon after? Your phone will start blowing up! Because you’ll be out there approaching confidently, exchanging numbers, going on instant dates, and creating true abundance for yourself!


Approach Women with Confidence: In-Depth Post Reveals The #1 Secret


But again, you don’t focus on the external results — like “the amount of phone numbers” you got, or the “number of dates” you’ve landed! You cannot control these things!


Rather, just focus on 1) taking tons of action, and 2) ensuring you’re patting yourself on the damned back after each approach you do! That’s ALL you can control. Again: all you can control are the 2-steps of that feedback loop! You CAN take action. And you CAN validate yourself. So, focus on those two simple steps.


Don’t overcomplicate something that’s simple. 


When you get good at focusing on mastering only the amount of action you take and whether or not you’re actively validating yourself, you build your self worth, and thus, a deep inner confidence that nobody can take from you. Furthermore, mastering this distinction IS how you approach women with confidence!


By valuing your self worth on the actions you take, the way you live your life, and the things you say to yourself, and not based on how a woman (or anyone) responds to you. Mastering this skill gives you limitless personal power and a true sense of inner confidence.


Trust me. This 2-step “act-validate” feedback loop is changing lives. Now, it’s your turn. Use this bad boy and soon? You’ll be able to easily approach women (and life) with tons of newfound confidence.



To your peak,

Jason Rogers

Transform Your Confidence -- Guaranteed.