You have questions about this coaching program.


And you’re not alone. So do lots of guys who see this opportunity.


I’ll keep it real with you:


Some will question this coaching program. Others will even call it a scam. And the truth is, these people aren’t exactly wrong.


Let me explain…


Have you ever heard of the Stanford “marshmallow experiment” conducted by Dr. Mischel — back in the late 60’s and early 70’s?


Here’s what happened:


Researchers got a bunch of 5 year old kids. And they put each kid in a room alone with nothing but a marshmallow. Each kid was offered a choice between eating one marshmallow now, versus eating two if he or she could wait for about 15 minutes…


The test was simple: which kids would hold out for the bigger reward? What kids would take the instant treat and sacrifice future pleasure? And, what impact would the ability to delay gratification have on these kids as they grew up?


Well, it turns out the ability to delay gratification correlated with everything from academic success, to SAT scores, to bodyweight percentage.


Yet, you already know that:


The ability to sacrifice today is paramount to achieving greater things tomorrow.


Unfortunately, some people don’t have the ability to delay gratification. Specifically, men who can’t delay gratification can NOT achieve success in my coaching program.


For these individuals, it’s easier to call my program a scam than it is to look inward, assess their lack of discipline, and make real personal changes.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, my long list of clients who’ve transformed their lives by following the simple steps I share in my coaching program already showed some level of discipline beforehand.


The guys who get transformational results with my coaching program are both willing AND able to pass on one marshmallow now — so they can eat twenty marshmallows later.


Here’s another distinction I’ve seen in my clients: the countless guys I’ve helped transform already believed (at least somewhat) that they were capable of transforming — before they came knocking on my door.


By enrolling into my coaching program, they then consequently unlocked the transformational results they desired at a hyper-fast rate — because I led them thru a proven system and helped them avoid the sneaky pitfalls.


To put it simply: I only work with clients who bring the burning desire. From there? I deliver them the step-by-step expertise to ensure they reach their transformational goals fast.


There’s no doubt: this coaching program has an incredible track record.


The testimonials are unanimous — every single guy who’s been accepted into my coaching program has transformed his life. Indeed, I’m grateful to say my client work has a 100% success record. And I intend to keep it that way for a long long time…


By the way, you can see what my former guys have to say here:


The way this coaching program works is simple. After being accepted, you and I will schedule one hour coaching calls together three days a week — for four months.


To ensure rapid transformation, I’ll give you specific exercises, strategies, and techniques you’ll use to instantly begin transforming your life. You’ll also gain instant access to a library of my best personal development trainings — to compliment our regular coaching calls.


And, most importantly? You can be CERTAIN I’ll hold you accountable: to ensure you DO what’s necessary to GUARANTEE your transformation.


But… how does this thing work? What can you expect?


The first few weeks of the program are about equipping you with newfound confidence. We’ll get you the initial momentum you’re looking for when you follow my simple (and renowned) L-V-R Confidence Building Sequence. This feedback loop ensures you get momentum and tap into Newton’s First Law of Physics (that which is in motion, stays in motion!)


From there, you’ll be given more advanced (and more challenging) exercises to complete on a weekly basis. These challenges will get you even more momentum (that which is moving fast, keeps moving fast!).


Again, the genius of this program is it’s simplicity. We literally leverage the law of inertia (Newton’s First Law of Physics) — to transform you from wherever you are, into a confident, dominant, alpha male.


Here’s specifically what you can expect:


By the end of month one, your confidence will be substantially higher than anything you’ve ever experienced before. (though you’ll still feel like “the same guy”).


After the second month, you’ll witness everyone in your life responding to you differently. By now, you’ll feel wayyyyy different than you did just two months ago — but you’ll still *kinda* feel like you. You’ll love the way women treat you and people will give you newfound levels of respect.


And after the four months? You’ll literally be a shadow of your former self. At this point, you’ll feel darn near limitless. Your potential for dating abundance, newfound professional success, or increased sales will be ABSOLUTE.


Women will find you wayyyy more attractive. Men will treat you with a completely newfound respect. And with these changes deeply ingrained into your mind, body, and soul?


The world will literally be yours for the taking.


(Just think Captain Jack Sparrow effortlessly conquering the island, taking the loot, and getting the treasure — without a single hiccup)


You can be the modern pirate. And really, you can become a 21st century king.


(In this “PC” 21st century world we live in, where masculinity is dying, it’s NEVER been easier to stand above the masses of mediocre men and rise to the top).


I truly believe that wholeheartedly. The results I’ve helped men achieve validate this belief.


Whether it’s more income, a transformed dating life you most crave, or something else — you’ll be capable of engineering the life of your desires when you become a confident, dominant alpha-male.


That said, this coaching program is certainly NOT for everyone.


This is NOT for you if you’re…
-in a relationship or married
-unwilling to take action 5-days a week
-looking for a “magic pill” that works without doing the work
-unable to seriously invest in your future (this isn’t cheap)


Don’t be misled: it isn’t easy to transform yourself and your life! Life-changing results only come to men who have a burning desire AND a stone-cold willingness to take action!


That said, since you’re still reading here, it appears you’re starving for a whole new and improved life. So, this coaching program might be a perfect fit for you…


But I’m not going to push a hard sell on this. Not only is that not my style, but it’s also not something I need to do.


I’m grateful to say we have lots of men interested in this coaching program.


And with limited spots available..
(I’m the only person around who repeatedly makes this guarantee — and keeps on backing it up!)
…this program sells itself.


YES — there’s a goldmine of dating abundance, freedom, confidence and success out there. Those who see it, prosper. Those who don’t, reveal their doubt with their skepticism in the comment sections on the internet. 😉


Which camp do you fall into? No judgement either way. The link below is only for men who are committed to becoming a confident, dominant, alpha male that women desire and men admire.


Now, if you’re interested, I recommend you act fast.


Firstly, because the application period closes on Thursday, August 16th. No exceptions.


(Meaning if you apply after the deadline passes, your application will not be considered).


Likewise, priority is given to applicants on a first come, first serve basis.


It’s simple. You will transform into a confident, dominant alpha male in 120 days or less — if we agree to work together.


You know what to do:


To your peak,

Jason Rogers